This page details all aspects of the transparency code and where on our site you will find the information that correlates to the requirements of the code.
Find out about your local elected members of the council and the employees that run the council day to day.
Find agendas, meeting minutes and decisions taken at meetings for each committee that forms the town council.
Partake in and comment on consultations that the council are seeking public opinion to aid in decisions we are making as a council.
Find out how the council is structured and the terms of reference for the committees that make up the council.
Find out all about the council finance from income and spending to grants provided and our assets and public open space.
Find out the decisions the council have made on planning applications whether it be objections they may have put in or plans they have approved.
Find out the current chairmans chosen charity partner and how the council are helping to raise funds.
Find out about current vacancies and opportunists to work for the council.
Policies held by the Town Council

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