This Code is issued to meet the Government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services. It requires the publication of the following information:

Transparency Code Information to be published quarterly (in April, July, October and January)

Purchase orders can also be classed as contracts. The Contracts Register lists contracts worth over £5,000 for which there is signed documentation. Simple purchase orders for goods or services over £5,000 are listed in the Expenditure exceeding £500 document.

Expenditure Exceeding £500

Thrapston Town Council publish its monthly expenditure as part of its Monthly Minutes. These can be found here. We also publish a spread sheet quarterly detailing all spending exceeding £500 here.

FinanceDetails of the Town Council's end of year accounts and other information can be found here.

Government Procurement Card Transactions

The council has Credit and Charge Cards for the purpose of transacting business and payments. Details of these payments can be found here.

Procurement Information

Thrapston Town Council are required to place on Contracts Finder, as well as any other local portal, every invitation to tender or invitation to quote for contracts to provide goods/or services with a value that exceeds £10,000.

Contracts can be found here. Tenders can be found here.

Transparency Code Information to be published annually (in April)

Local Authority Land

Thrapston Town Council own many pieces of land and several buildings. The details of which can be found in our asset register here.

Social Housing Asset Value

Thrapston Town Council owns no housing stock.

Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

Details of Grants the Council has given can be found here.

Organisation Chart

All details relating to our Organisational Structure including all employees in the local authority whose salary exceeds £50,000, the salary band for each employee included in the chart(s) information about current vacant posts, or signpost vacancies that are going to be advertised in the future can be found here. The salary bands for each employee can be found here.

Trade Union Facility Time

Details of trade union activity can be found here.

Parking Account

Thrapston Town Council does not own nor operate any parking scheme within the town.

Parking Spaces

Thrapston Town Council does not own any parking areas within the town. We do however have 4 Car Parking Spaces at the Plaza Community Centre. One of these is designated a disabled space.

Senior Salaries

Thrapston Town Council employs no one that fits the government criteria for transparency on this topic. To publish data here employees of the council must earn £50,000 or more.


Thrapston Town Council has a set of standing orders that are reviewed each year. They can be found here.

Pay Multiple

Details of this aspect of the Transparency Code will be added shortly.


Thrapston Town Council Fraud Statistics can be found here.

Waste Contracts

Thrapston Town Council does not operate and has not entered into any waste contracts. The council purchases bags for its rubbish from East Northamptonshire District Council as a business user.

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