Thrapston Town Council increases Council Tax

For immediate release: 21 March 2018

Residents will by now have received their Council Tax bills and may be querying the percentage increase by Thrapston Town Council. Each year the Town Council requests money from the District Council in the form of a precept. This money is then collected through residents’ Council Tax.

Following budget meetings held by the Town Council it was agreed that the Town Council would request a precept increase of just over 20% which, when spread across all properties in Thrapston, equates to an increase of 17.6% on each bill.

Some of the additional precept raised will go towards the increased costs of maintaining the town’s open spaces, upkeep of street lighting and increased running costs.

The remaining increase in precept is intended to cover the services that the County Council may cut. The Town Council aims to protect as many of these services as possible

For a band D property the Town Council proportion of the Council Tax bill is just over 8 pence in every pound, with the majority of the overall Council Tax bill continuing to go to the County Council for services including Fire and Rescue, Education, Emergency Planning, Highways and Social Services, and the remainder going to the District Council and Police. 

Leader of Thrapston Town Council, Councillor Sam Cribb, said: “We are currently facing a period of great uncertainty in Thrapston as the budget crisis at the County Council continues to unfold. We are committed to providing the best service we can for the town, including trying to fill the gaps that the County Council budget creates. For these reasons we felt it essential to increase the Town Council’s precept, which for a band D property works out as an increase of just over 47 pence per week. I would like to stress that all money raised through the precept is for the benefit of Thrapston and its residents.”


Contact Details:

Linda Marshall, Clerk to the Town Council
01832 734673
Thrapston Town Council, 77 High Street, Thrapston, NN14 4JJ