Each month councillors are required to internally audit our financial payments. A record of thee checks can be found here. Also each year the council will submit its annual return and also recieve an external auditor to look over the accounts and financial controls the council have in place.

Annual Returns

Title Date Posted Size
Notice of Conclusion of Audit.pdf 28/08/2018 1,337.26 KB
Annual Return S1-2.pdf 28/08/2018 6,831.95 KB

External Audit Reports

Title Date Posted Size
External Auditor's Report.pdf 28/08/2018 2,177.07 KB

End of Year Accounts

Title Date Posted Size
2018_Internal_Auditor_Report.pdf 11/05/2018 510.32 KB
2018_Annual_Return_Part_3.pdf 11/05/2018 1,172.07 KB
2017-2018_Audit_Bank_Reconciliation.pdf 11/05/2018 45.85 KB

Internal Audit Reports

No files found.